1st Organized Industry Zone in Kayseri ;13.500 m² closed area of ??40.000 m² production. We started in 1996 with a capacity of 6048 spindles and now we have engaged our factory spindles with a capacity of 23 000, currently production of high-quality cotton yarn.
Ongoing investments into 3 parts, each of which may be allocated to 9 investment plan carded and combed yarns for the production of its first two chapters and the last part of the investment which will be planned to suit the changing market conditions. For now, one of the major problems in the developing market conditions contamination (foreign substance) is made of the investment required for the problem, following the technology developed in this regard. Silteks Co. Inc.'s long term objectives in the field of integration between using good yarn production machines.

Textile machinery park Silteks present;

 Rieter blowroom machine,

 Jossi the vision shield,                                                                                        

 Jossi magic eye,

 Rieter card machine,

 Rieter draw frame machine,

 Rieter draw frame machine,

 Rieter Unilap machine,

 Rieter comber machine,

 Rieter roving frame machine,

 Rieter spinnig machine,

 Suessen compact system,

 Muratec winding machine,

 Coil machines PERLA yarn hairiness reduction system - A system and also;

 Coil machines are all have Loepfe YarnMaster, foreign fiber cleaning unit and polyp sensor.